Text Mining: Every Line from The Office

As a part of the R4DS June Challenge and the “Summer of Data Science” Twitter initiative started by Data Science Renee, I decided to improve my text mining skills by working my way through Tidy Text Mining with R by Julia Silge and David Robinson. I wanted a fun dataset to use as I made my way through the book, so I decided to use every line from The Office. [Read More]

A Shiny App to Visualize and Share My Dogs’ Medical History

As a digital nomad traveling with 2 dogs, keeping track of all their medical and vaccine records has been challenging. Especially since one of our dogs has had some recent health issues. I needed a way to organize all the vet visits, test results, vaccine certificates, etc. as well as be able to share them with new vets and our primary vet back in Colorado. Thus, an R Shiny app was born. [Read More]

Football Fans: A Data-Driven Approach to College Selection

This was a project that I originally did for my Data Warehousing class in grad school using Microsoft SQL server and SSIS. I’ve been taking a lot of datacamp courses lately and wanted to put what I learned about the tidyverse into action. This project has a lot of data manipulation and cleanup tasks, so I thought it would be a good candidate to convert what I did in grad school to R and MySQL. [Read More]