I’m a Data Reporting Analyst at Candid, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it. I love thinking creatively and using the statistical programming language R to find actionable insights. In addition to analyzing and visualizing data in R, I find it particularly satisfying to use it to automate manual tasks such as reporting. I love to use my analytic skills for good, and I am thankful to work at Candid where I get to do meaningful and socially impactful work.

I have an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and worked in the biotech field for the first several years of my career. After deciding that I wanted a change, I went back to school and earned an MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics. In grad school, I made the leap from scientist to data analyst and I haven’t looked back.

A year and a half ago, my husband and I sold our house and most of our things to become digital nomads. We currently travel around the western U.S. in an RV, living and working from the road. This is somewhat of an unusual situation, and we often get questions about how we do it. We have redundant systems that make working remotely a success (solar power, backup generator, cell booster, AT&T and Verizon unlimited data plans, etc.).

Being a digital nomad has afforded me the opportunity to work in places where I am most productive, happy, and inspired. I can bring more energy and focus to my work because I have designed an environment that is most conducive to my work style. In my professional career, I love solving challenging problems and learning new skills, but I want to balance that with pursuits outside of work. Remote work enables that balance and facilitates a lifestyle that is lived, not deferred. I can travel and have experiences that I enjoy now instead of waiting until I retire, all while making positive contributions to the world/my employer.

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